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Thanks for interested about the contents and copyright of this blog.Please notice that unless specified otherwise the copyright of all the articles in this blog is belongs to the author of this blog.Anyone who to post them on other websites, or for any publishing,please contact the author and get the permission first.

Copyrights reserved. No Copy without Reference
I have spend a lot of time create the contents of my blogs.Before you do anything to make others people hard work yours,just go through the Copyright and Fair Use Guide to avoid making a costly mistake!
Copyright and Fair Use Guide:
You are allow to re-post a part of the content providing following Terms :
  • Attribution:Credit the Source.You need to clearly mention where the content was taken from.
  • Link Back :You need to put a hyperlink to link back the post from which you derived the excerpt.
  • Limitation Republishing:You cannot republish all the post or full page of the post unless you get the permission first.
  • Noncommercial Use - You cannot use our content or sell it for commercial purposes.
  • No Derivative Works -You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
  • No RSS Feed Republishing - You cannot republish our full text RSS feed articles on any site without prior permission.

Do NOT copy if you fail to follow the terms above.

By using Copyscape it is very easy to find out who is copied the contents.The action will be taken against you .

Don't assume,you’re mostly likely violating the law.A warning will give to take down copyrighted material within a certain number of days. After that, someone starts full legal action.

In addition*AdSense publishers display Google ads on webpages with content protected by copyright law will GET BANNED unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content.

We are more or less a Creative Commons blogs but we NOT allow republish full post.Anyone who to post them on other websites, or for any publishing,please contact the author and get the permission first.Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
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You better don't Let me catch you if you're copy my contents.If i found one,I SWEAR I will try my best to get your site banned by search engines, hosting companies and advertising partners e.g.Adsense*.No fxxxxxg joke!Do NOT copy if you fail to follow the terms and conditions of our blogs.

If You really did plan to get some great content to your blog.Go to free article website.Stay away from us!



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Protect our Copyright!
**Put this copyright statement to your sites.Get "We are copyrighted Blogs Logo "or you can use a hypertext link pointed your visitors to this Copyright Statement to let your visitors know about the copyright of your blog .


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